Want to know how to keep things fresh in your food truck? Hiring people who disagree with you! The best food truck owners know they need to hear opposing voices. These mobile food vendors hire people who disagree with them so those opposing voices are with them at all times.

Successful vendors are easily seduced. Egos can soar and these food truck owners believe they are the sole reason for their good fortune, and that anything they touch will turn to gold. As financial gains allow for more hires, food truck vendors all too frequently unwittingly choose “yes people” to employ. Beware of this strategy. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your food truck.

Today we’ll discuss the things to look for when hiring a food truck staff member who disagrees with you.

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Hiring People Who Disagree With You

  • Strength of ideas. Vendors need alternate views based on facts. Contrary ideas should be well thought-out and put in context of what’s best for your mobile food business.
  • Ambition. Someone who disagrees with you shouldn’t just be there to stir the pot. Look for staff members who are interested in moving up in your food truck organization and is in it for the long haul.
  • Track record. Someone with the willingness to disagree with you is not enough. Be sure that the person’s track record shows an ability to follow through on ideas and get things done.

Hiring someone who is disagrees with you is not the same as hiring someone who is opposed to you. Great food truck owners who look for opinions from people who disagree with them are smart enough to realize that they do not have all the answers.

Don’t for get that Yes people execute your directions blindly. They only do what they’re told to do. They never think strategically for themselves, never thinking about how to advance the company or how to do something better. This inevitably puts more pressure on a vendor to do and think of everything. Why are you paying them, again?

The best way food truck owners can avoid becoming complacent after a long successful run, is by establishing a culture that values speaking up. By hiring people who disagree with you, you’ll always find a smarter way of doing something in your food truck business.

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The Bottom Line

Having a group of workers who disagree with you on your team is the mark of good leadership. Rather than a sign of weakness, it demonstrates your character and the ability to think and act in the best interest of your mobile food business.

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