As anyone that has worked in the mobile food industry can tell you, food trucks definitely have busy seasons. Depending on the climate you operate in it could be the Summer months. If Summer temps keep consumers inside, it may be Spring, Fall or Winter months. These busy seasons creates a need to recruit temporary employees.

The problem is that finding reliable and skilled temporary employees can be a challenge. The key is to use the right tactics food truck vendors to attract temporary employees that won’t ruin your business the rest of the year.

How To Add Temporary Employees For Your Busy Season

  • Setup a referral program. Referral bonuses are a great way to ensure you hire quality temporary employees, since your current staff members will be putting their own reputations on the line with their referrals. Provide a $100 bonus to employees that refer a temporary employee that is hired and completes six to eight weeks of work on your truck.
  • Prepare and plan. Since most temporary employees are hired during busy seasons, use your non-busy season to plan ahead. Too many times, vendors don’t plan ahead properly and have to hire almost anyone to fill their needs at the last minute.
  • Offer retention bonuses. Giving a retention bonus to temporary employees after they’ve completed a period of time. This can keep them motivated to stay with your food truck as long as you need them. These types of benefits will also help you maintain a list of on-call temp workers who like working for you and are willing to come work for you when you are in a pinch.
  • Recruit from culinary schools. The culinary school is an ideal recruiting ground for food trucks because many culinary students want to work, have flexible schedules, and are potential future employees. Contact the administrative office of your culinary schools in order to get your job posting in front of the students in their program.

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If you plan to run an advertisement for your temp positions, we offer a job board specifically for food truck owners. Food Truck Jobs

Labor Laws Still Apply

Don’t forget that when hiring temporary employees that the laws that cover harassment, discrimination, and workplace health and safety apply to temp workers just as they do to any other employee. If you’re not familiar with these, check out this Employment and Labor Law Guide for small businesses from the SBA.

Taxes For Temporary Employees

Part-time and temporary employees are subject to the same tax withholding rules that apply to regular staff members. For details on your tax reporting responsibilities, refer to IRS regulations on part-time or seasonal help. Also be sure to check state tax laws that pertain to these employees.

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