Keeping your food truck staff happy in their roles is easier than it seems, especially when you focus on intrinsic rewards like pride in the work, rather than extrinsic rewards like money. Even though you won’t find many staff members turning down cash bonuses.

Limited resources and the need to do more with less is a hallmark of the food truck industry. In many cases, this fast-paced environment and ability to wear multiple hats are a few of the traits that make food trucks so desirable for workers. However, it also means that food truck employees are under the constant pressure to manage a growing workload. Today we’ll share four ways to keep your food truck staff happy without providing a raise.

4 Ways To Keep Your Food Truck Staff Happy

  • Create meaningful roles in both your truck and kitchen. Don’t be a stickler for job descriptions. Help each of your employees find what they like to do best and create roles that allow them to contribute to the big picture. The best benefit you can provide to keep your staff happy is the opportunity to make a difference through their work and help guide the course of your food truck.
  • Give feedback. Tell your people regularly how they’re doing. Avoid standard feedback by being honest and thoughtful.
  • Offer professional development. Ask your people where they want to be in two or three years and be sure you are helping them get there. Provide developmental support, such as training opportunities and mentoring. Employees who do not believe there are career opportunities for them will end in their leaving your business.
  • Say thank you. Express your gratitude by thanking them regularly for their contributions. Do periodic shout outs to people at all levels of your organization for great work. These kudos cost nothing but provide important public recognition for a job well done.

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The Bottom Line

When budgets are tight, it can be hard to justify raises as rewards for your best employees. But if someone loves their work, takes pride in doing it well and feels valued, there are many other ways besides a bigger paycheck to show your appreciation for a job well done. Studies have shown that employees with high job satisfaction are generally more productive, engaged and loyal to the companies they work for.

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