Hiring employees with high levels of personal integrity and honesty is essential for any business. You don’t want employees that skim money from the cash register or fudging the accounting in a store. Both examples can be catastrophic for a business financially.

If you’re conducting a performance review about personal integrity, I’ve shared positive and negative phrases you can use. Each of these examples highlights the values of an employee. 

Positive Performance Review Phrases for Personal Integrity

  • No tasks are missed on the list because Jane knows how to accomplish them on time.
  • The results of the dealings reflect the integrity of the dealer.
  • Hannah embodies the values of the company and lives by them in the workplace.
  • Though Kyle can have tight commitments, his impressive time management allows him to keep them simultaneously.
  • Katie understands the inner workings about the suppliers of our business and accounting practices.
  • Eric is trustworthy at all times. Eric can be trusted to handle money and resolve customer issues. 
  • Tim uses time wisely to meet demands. Tim earns every dollar he is paid via a bi-weekly paycheck. 
  • Acknowledge shortcomings and recognize room for growth.
  • Utter words that only speak honesty in the office. 
  • Follow the company rules as if they’re a part of your nature. 
  • The employee does the right thing even if no one is watching. This is an important characteristic of our company. 
  • The employee show respect to everyone in the workplace. 
  • Commit to the tasks by heart, soul, and mind.
  • Discourage gossiping within the premises of the office. 
  • Set an example of trustworthiness
  • Conduct transactions with utmost sincerity.
  • Provide honest information regarding the products and services.
  • Discourage fraudulent intentions in every transaction.
  • Protect the confidentiality of company information.
  • Encourage performing within the ethical framework of the business.
  • Make conscious decisions to be punctual at work and in every assigned task.

Negative Performance Review Phrases for Personal Integrity

Do you need a way to provide constructive criticism to an employee? Here are some example phrases you can use. 

  • Tiffany struggles to stay on task throughout the workday. Stay focused next year and you’ll improve productivity. 
  • Ivan fails to acknowledge his mistakes and own the consequences of them. Instead, he’s more comfortable shifting the blame to anyone he thinks is weaker than him.
  • As a decision-maker, Ellen takes advantage of her position and shows personal bias in her actions.
  • Important business decisions are compromised with evidence of the influence of personal bias.
  • Happiness is dependent on creating untruthful stories about the company or the employees.
  • Time is overspent on procrastinating rather than fulfilling the deliverables that day.
  • The rules remain insignificant suggestions to the team’s behavior.
  • Commitments failed to be prioritized because of mismanagement of time. 
  • The postponement of the completion of every task shows a lack of integrity.

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  • Aileen often forgets about keeping her commitments as she works passively in the absence of supervision.
  • Junior employees feel entitled to show disrespect to senior team members.
  • To Shane, lying about her shortcomings is easier than owning her mistakes.
  • Deliverables are not well taken care of because of the lack of commitment in the workplace.
  • Rules are not respected at best because some employees are comfortable acting beyond the company’s policies.
  • Though Tina promised to protect the confidentiality of the task, she could not stop herself from sharing some details with people not involved in the business.
  • Despite expectations being set at the bare minimum, Sarah struggles to cope with the demands of the workplace as she spends most of her time slacking in her cubicle.

Self-Appraisal Comments about Integrity

The annual performance evaluation.

  • I understand the gravity of my performance in the company, hence, I strive to reflect their core values in my behavior. 
  • I have conditioned myself to act within the goals of the company and to thrive beyond my career growth objectives.
  • Despite how hectic my schedule can be, I do my best to cope with my commitments without comprising the quality of my performance.
  • I prioritize the satisfaction and well-being of the customers. I refrain from engaging with fraudulent thoughts as I recognize that the consequences of my actions manifest in the reputation of my company.
  • I protect the reputation of my company by ensuring that everything I do in the workplace and for the customers reflects the core values that they live by. 

My thoughts are conscientious enough to refrain from indulging in inappropriate intentions, such as gossiping with my teammates.

  • I believe that working with integrity is more rewarding than promoting dishonest behavior in the company.
  • I am working beyond the bare minimum because I aim to bring as much value to the company as possible. 
  • I perform tasks with my best sense of creativity because I aim to impress not only my co-workers but the benefactors of the project themselves.
  • I am committed to fulfilling the goals of the company. I understand that I will reward myself with priceless career growth by doing so. 
  • I am not comfortable lying to our customers because I am aware that doing so will do more harm than good on my end and to my company’s reputation. 
  • I am conscious of the amount of time I spend on every deliverable. I do not rest until I make sure that I have been productive at work by the end of the day.
  • I encourage my fellow teammates to be genuine when they deal with customers because their integrity will bring fruitful results to the company.
  • I do not find inconvenience as a hindrance in completing the provided commitments at my best performance. 
  • My value of integrity is reflected in my behavior within the premises of the workplace and beyond the space of career-building hours.

Performance Review Phrases about Honesty

Don’t accept kick backs.

Do you want to commend the honesty of an employee? These phrases are for you.

  • Tim doesn’t have to hide behind fraudulent actions to bring unrivaled value to this company. 
  • Instead of making up stories about the conflict that arises, Greg brings the issue to the management and addresses every point of argument with all integrity.
  • Anyone is comfortable sharing sensitive information with Elena because she has proven herself to be capable of protecting confidential information.

Diane doesn’t sugarcoat when she is asked to share her thoughts with the team during performance evaluation meetings. She carefully lists the strengths and weaknesses of their collaboration and, with all empathy, provides a deliberate assessment of the performance.

  • Confront a particular member who has been comprising the performance of the team with utmost sincerity.
  • Provide customers with accurate information and clear instructions at all times.
  • Instead of attempting to purely convince customers to purchase, take your time to explain deliberately the pros and cons of the product and make sure they know the risks and wins of the transaction.
  • Give importance to the role of consent in sharing information that is labeled as confidential. 
  • Resist financial temptation to swerve from the ideals of the company. Never accept bribes even if they convince you to keep it a secret.
  • Edward takes the word ‘commitment’ honestly and ensures that he meets the expectation in every deliverable.
  • Customers appreciate the sincerity in your words. They admire how you do not filter the information you relay to them when they ask about the product.

Performance Review Phrases about Dignity and Respect

  • Employees of all colors should not expect to be discriminated against within the vicinity of the company.
  • Though the nature of the work is highly emotional, one should learn to regulate their own emotions instead of using them to vent their frustration to their teammates.
  • Respect, though owned, is still a pre-existing value that every team member should possess.
  • The weakness of a member should not be shamed. Instead, the team should take their time to understand their struggle and give them an opportunity for growth.
  • There is no acceptable reason for uttering offensive words in the workplace. The company does not tolerate a culture of people-shaming.
  • It is highly commendable to see members of different cultural backgrounds create a healthy work environment where they can all thrive on meeting the goals of the company.

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  • The team is not discouraging at all. Every member is motivated to be productive because they appreciate the performance of each other and respect the value they are bringing to the company.
  • Shortcomings are inevitable. However, it is commendable to see Greg going the extra mile to encourage his teammates to rise above failure and improve their performance.
  • The team does not tolerate degrading comments, even from people who expect more of their performance. With all patience, they try to understand their emotional response and engage in a healthy discussion where they make room for growth for everyone.
  • It’s the pride of the company to see employees live by their principles and treat every customer with the highest respect and empathy.
  • Though bad days are inevitable, every member does their best to not use their negative emotions as an excuse for them to act rude to their co-workers.

Performance Review Phrases about Values

Impress your boss by upholding the company values.

These phrases will help you describe specific instances when a team member manifested the company values in their daily work. 

  • Greg copes with the demand of the workplace by putting every constructive criticism into practice.
  • Julia prioritizes the satisfaction and welfare of the customers. Her gentle treatment has partly become a reason why customers continue to put their trust in the company.
  • Eren is a results-driven teammate who ensures that his fellow members understand the goal of their deliverables.
  • Even in a moment of extreme work pressure, Selena remains composed and calm enough to lead the team with grace. Her patience and sense of empathy secure her members to become productive.
  • Kyla values the quality of her performance. She demonstrated her values by returning the customer $40 that was accidentally left behind at a table. 

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  • She ensures that whatever task is assigned to her will be delivered with great value to the company.
  • She keeps up with the demand of the workplace and manages her time to address her commitments. 
  • Anna remains infallible with her sense of integrity despite being offered the most ridiculous bribe to break the rule of confidentiality.
  • Farah welcomes her fellow workers sincerely whenever they come to her for technical support. 
  • She never attempted to blame them for not knowing enough nor shame them for asking too much.

Why is it so important to hire employees with high levels of integrity?

A reliable and honest team is a happy team.

Having high levels of integrity means that you are someone who is dedicated to upholding the principles and values of a company at all times. Here are some reasons you should always seek employees with high integrity. 

  • Sense Of Security. You don’t want to be stressed out that anytime you leave your small business that employees will plunder the cash register. By hiring honest employees, you have one less thing to worry about as a business owner or manager.
  • Increased productivity. Knowing that they are reliable enough to deliver every task you give them, you’ll be more confident these employees use their time wisely. 
  • Rewarding work experience. Working with someone with a high level of integrity is rewarding because of the amount of trust. The less they disappoint you with their performance, the more you will be motivated to create a positive and conducive environment where you can foster progress, career growth, and ultimately success.

Performance reviews are meant to recognize your employees’ exemplary performance and acknowledge that there is still room for growth for them to flourish. If you want to talk about how ‘values’ delivered results to a business, I hope these performance review phrases gave you some good ideas.