When a food truck business is struggling and the morale of your employees is low, it falls on a food truck owner’s shoulders to rally your staff and help keep employees’ chins up and focus on the future.

There is no easy answer, no quick fix, no one solution. But food truck vendors can do something to address their employees’ worries and to rekindle their motivation.

How To Effectively Rally Your Staff In Your Food Truck

When the heat is on, and pressure intense, how do they rally your staff? Use these tips to motivate food truck employees during troubling times:

  • Go to them. Sure your schedule is always packed but don’t invite employees to meet because it’s easiest for you. Visit them in the commissary or truck, especially if you aren’t there with them while they prepare the meals for your customers. This signals that what they do matters.
  • Praise their efforts. No one tires of hearing they’re doing a good job when the praise is genuine. Explain how their output is significant to your truck’s long-term health.
  • Watch their backs. Employees often suffer first when things get tough; show them that the owner supports them.

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The Bottom Line

As the leader in your business, it’s part of your job to rally your employees in trying times and point them toward a better future. Your primary responsibility as a food truck owner is to provide vision, leadership and communication to all of your team members. As the leader of your food truck, what you say and how you say it matters; especially when your mobile food business is facing challenge or crisis. Your job is to energize the talent around you. If you don’t, you will shut your employees down.

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