A self-appraisal is a key tool that allows employees and managers to reflect on their performance over a certain period of time. When used correctly, self-appraisals can help identify areas of improvement and enable employees to set goals for the future. However, writing employee-appraisal comments isn’t always easy especially if it’s been a challenging year.

To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of 59+ clever comments about teamwork at work. Use these ideas as inspiration for a self-evaluation or use them to give feedback to other team members or subordinates.

Self-Appraisal Comments about Teamwork

Positive feedback

I have good team working skills and excel in building relationships with others. I’m reliable and proactive, always willing to help wherever needed. I am an effective communicator who is able to present complex ideas in a clear and concise manner, build consensus among team members, and influence decisions in a positive way.

I have great interpersonal skills that enable me to work well in a team environment. I am reliable and take initiative to help make sure the team meets its goals. My communication skills are strong and allow me to collaborate effectively with teammates on projects. Overall, I am positive, motivated, and committed to working together as a team to achieve success.

I have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to teamwork with the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues from different backgrounds and perspectives. I am able to quickly build positive relationships in team environments and contribute meaningful ideas and insights that foster successful outcomes. I strive to create an inclusive atmosphere of trust, respect, and collaboration within the teams I am part of.

I am an experienced team player who is able to effectively collaborate with colleagues in order to achieve a common goal. I enjoy working together with others and am confident in my ability to contribute positively to the success of any team. I strive to lead by example and make sure that projects are completed efficiently and on schedule.

I have consistently demonstrated the ability to work in a team setting, fostering effective collaboration and communication. I am proactive in seeking to understand each team member’s strengths and weaknesses in order to use them to our collective advantage. I take initiative in leading tasks and delegating responsibilities so that we can reach our desired outcomes successfully and efficiently.

Needs improvement

I have demonstrated a commitment to teamwork, however, I can still work on improving my collaboration and communication skills when working with others. I recognize that there is always room for improvement and am committed to further developing these skills in order to build strong working relationships. With the right guidance and support, I am confident that I can become an even better team member.

I recognize that I need to improve my teamwork skills. I am committed to working on actively listening to and understanding my team members, communicating clearly and respectfully, and maintaining a positive attitude when faced with challenges. I believe that this will help foster an environment of collaboration and mutual respect, even in challenging situations.

My teamwork skills need improvement, but I am committed to making progress. I strive to develop better communication and collaboration techniques so that I can be a more effective team member. I am open to feedback from others and willing to put in the time and effort necessary to improve my work within a team setting.

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I believe I can improve my teamwork skills by making an effort to actively listen to the perspectives of others and take the time to collaborate on ideas. I also need to be mindful of the fact that my words and actions affect those around me, so I strive to make sure I am communicating in a way that is respectful and inclusive.

I am aware that I need to improve my teamwork skills, particularly in terms of collaboration and communication. I recognize the importance of utilizing different perspectives when working on projects and strive to foster an open dialogue with team members in order to reach the best possible outcome. Going forward, I will focus on actively engaging with my peers to make sure everyone’s opinion is heard and acted upon.

Meets expectations

I believe I have been an effective team member, consistently meeting expectations and striving to contribute positively to the overall success of the team. I’m committed to collaborating with my teammates, listening carefully to their ideas, and offering constructive feedback. I enjoy working in teams and take pride in helping our projects move forward.

I take great pride in my capacity to collaborate and be productive within a team setting. I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to effective collaboration and communication, which has enabled us to achieve our desired outcomes. My experience working with teams gives me the confidence that I can effectively contribute in any setting.

Performance Evaluations

It’s performance evaluation time.

I have been a committed and reliable team member, always striving to ensure the highest quality results. I am willing to take initiative when needed and have consistently worked together with my colleagues to achieve our shared goals. I have also demonstrated strong communication skills that help create a productive working environment.

I consistently demonstrate excellent teamwork skills, contributing to successful outcomes. I strive to collaborate effectively with team members, actively seeking out ways to help and support my colleagues. I believe that open communication and mutual respect are essential for creating a productive work environment and achieving success.

This year, I take pride in my ability to collaborate effectively within a team environment. I have been mindful to listen to the ideas and suggestions of my teammates and work together to create solutions that meet our goals. I have actively participated in team discussions, providing constructive feedback when necessary.

Employee Performance Appraisal Comments about Team Skills

Positive feedback

Nick is a structural engineer with an infectious enthusiasm for problem-solving and creative thinking. Nick’s thought leadership has consistently demonstrated his commitment to our team’s success. He continually looks for ways to improve the structural integrity of our projects and provides invaluable guidance on structural engineering techniques.

Martin has proven to be an effective building supervisor in his time with the organization. He is adept at leading teams, encouraging positive collaboration and communication among team members, and motivating them to work together to accomplish tasks efficiently. Martin is a strong leader who knows how to get the most out of his teams by utilizing their skills appropriately and fostering an atmosphere conducive to our organization’s goals.

Adam consistently demonstrates the ability to work well with other team members. He is an excellent auditor and offers valuable insight during team meetings. Adam’s strong communication skills allow him to effectively collaborate with others to move projects forward efficiently. His enthusiasm and commitment toward a successful outcome make Adam an invaluable member of the team.

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Percy’s ability to work as a team player is exemplary. He is highly effective in his role as a cashier and consistently displays an attitude of cooperation, collaboration, and support when working with others. Percy is often the first one to offer assistance to teammates, which helps to create a positive and productive atmosphere.

Matt is a top-notch security guard who continuously demonstrates remarkable abilities to work with others. He works well with other members of the security team to ensure that everyone’s responsibilities are being met and provides creative solutions to any issues that arise. Matt is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed and his knowledge of safety protocols is beyond reproach.

Needs improvement

Mario’s team skills need to be improved if he is going to be a successful construction worker. Mario needs to take initiative when it comes to working with others on projects and managing his workload. He also needs to work on communication and listening skills, as well as learn how to better manage conflict resolution within the team.

Jorish’s team skills could use some improvement. Despite having a strong foundation of knowledge, Jorish lacks the ability to effectively engage with peers and stay organized in group projects. Jorish should practice communication and collaboration more often than working independently because it is necessary to succeed as part of a team.

Rizza’s team skills need some improvement in order to ensure efficient operations. Rizza is an experienced dispatcher, but her team skills have not been up to par recently. She has difficulty delegating tasks and coordinating with other members of the team. Rizza needs to become better at collaborating with others, listening to their ideas, and taking initiative when the need arises.

Stephen is an elevator installer who has demonstrated excellent technical skills in the past. However, Stephen needs to continue to improve his team skills. Stephen often has difficulty communicating with other members of the team, and he can be overly critical when discussing issues or tasks. He also has difficulty accepting feedback from others and working collaboratively on projects.

Nats’ team skills are in need of improvement. Nats has not been exhibiting the kind of collaboration and communication that we expect from all welders. Nats must work on actively listening to others, offering constructive criticism when necessary, and respecting the opinions of their teammates. Nats should also work on being more open to feedback and advice from his supervisors and his colleagues as well.

Meets expectations

As a tech analyst, Katie consistently surpasses expectations with her outstanding team collaboration abilities. She is an effective communicator who frequently provides helpful feedback and advice to her colleagues. Katie excels at problem-solving and collaborates well with others when working on projects. Her willingness to take initiative and provide assistance shows that she cares about the success of the team.

Fred is a highly skilled field mechanic who consistently surpasses expectations with regard to his team-oriented abilities.. He is able to collaborate effectively with colleagues and respond quickly to requests for assistance. Fred has also demonstrated excellent problem-solving ability and a willingness to go the extra mile to help his teammates.

Kenny has proven himself to be a competent store supervisor. Kenny is an exemplary team player and consistently surpasses expectations when it comes to teamwork. such as communication, problem-solving, and decision-making. Kenny is able to effectively lead his team through conflicts, ensuring the outcomes are beneficial for all parties involved.

Eddie’s expertise in marketing, along with his remarkable ability to collaborate as a team member, has been consistently evident throughout his tenure. He is always willing to help his colleagues and provide support when needed. Eddie ensures that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in order to work together efficiently. His clear communication and positive attitude have been invaluable for the team to reach its goals and expectations.

Ron has distinguished himself as an effective booth operator and team member. He consistently demonstrates strong communication, cooperation, and collaboration skills while working with others to deliver exceptional results. Ron goes above and beyond in every aspect of teamwork. He contributes to the success of the team by actively listening, sharing ideas, and offering support when needed.

Employee Performance Appraisal Comments about Team Management

Positive feedback

Beth has been an outstanding team manager, consistently demonstrating exemplary leadership qualities. She is well-organized and efficient in her work, capable of managing complex projects with ease. Beth is adept at fostering a productive working environment and encouraging collaboration among team members.

Noah is an excellent ground steward, demonstrating strong team management and communication skills. Noah has a great ability to lead by example and motivate his team to complete tasks in a timely manner. Noah is also adept at managing challenging situations with poise, understanding, and respect for the roles of all team members.

As a medical representative, Darwin has showcased exceptional managerial abilities when it comes to leading teams. Darwin is an excellent communicator and easily builds rapport with colleagues and clients alike. He shows great initiative in managing his team, setting clear expectations, and providing guidance to ensure tasks are completed on time. Darwin is also creative in developing solutions that benefit the team and organization.

Joel is an exemplary medical technologist who possesses first-rate team management abilities. He has demonstrated a great ability to lead and motivate others and ensure that the team works cohesively towards successful outcomes. Joel takes initiative, communicates well, and fosters an atmosphere of trust and respect among his colleagues.

Sandro has been a financial analyst on our team for the past six months, and we have seen tremendous growth in Sandro’s capability to manage multiple projects at once. Sandro has consistently demonstrated excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills in his role. His aptitude for maintaining teams on track gave us a substantial amount of alternatives to select from when resolving any issue.

Needs improvement

Lucy, the production manager, has demonstrated commendable efforts in managing her team. However, there are some areas where she can improve to further enhance the productivity of her team. Lucy should focus on improving communication with her team members and developing stronger organizational skills for better time management.

Michael has shown great potential as a criminal investigator, but his management of teams needs improvement. Michael often struggles to ensure that team members are efficiently carrying out their tasks and quickly resolving any issues that arise. His communication with team members is not always clear and consistent, which can lead to confusion and delay in achieving goals.

go team

We can accomplish a lot as a team.

Rudy is an excellent police officer who has been with our force for two years. Despite this, Rudy must refine his team management skills if he hopes to achieve success. Rudy has shown a lack of leadership when it comes to working with other officers and setting clear expectations. Rudy should take the initiative to better understand team dynamics, set goals, and delegate tasks more effectively.

Sara has been a general contractor for the company for 6 months now. During this time, Sara’s performance in terms of managing her team has been below expectations. Sara does not always delegate tasks to her team effectively, she often overlooks potential issues that could arise from her decisions and is sometimes slow to respond to requests from other departments.

Dante, the repair manager, has displayed a lack of focus and direction when it comes to managing his team. Dante has not been as attentive or organized in carrying out tasks and responsibilities assigned to him. He often fails to provide clear instructions or follow up on progress, leaving employees unsure of what they should be doing.

Meets expectations

Raymond, the automation manager at our company, has consistently demonstrated exemplary performance in managing his team and surpassing expectations. He has a strong ability to motivate his team to meet challenging goals while staying within budget and time constraints. Raymond’s excellent communication skills help him articulate tasks clearly and effectively direct resources to achieve the desired outcomes.

Maddie has been an assistant grocery manager for the past two years. She is reliable and has successfully met all assigned performance expectations. Maddie demonstrated a focus on team management, which allowed her to effectively plan and coordinate with her colleagues to ensure tasks were completed in a timely manner.

Cesar, our software engineering manager, has consistently met expectations in regard to team management. Cesar is an effective leader and provides clear direction, encouraging feedback, and guidance to ensure the success of his team. Cesar has created a culture of trust within the team and encourages collaboration among colleagues.

Reggie, as a Security Program Manager, consistently exceeds expectations in terms of team management, inspiring confidence and trust among peers. Reggie is an effective communicator and demonstrates strong organizational skills to ensure that all tasks are prioritized and completed on time. Reggie is also adept at leading by example, motivating the team, and ensuring that everyone feels like they can contribute to their fullest potential.

Carlos, the restaurant manager, has demonstrated effective team management capabilities that exceed expectations and deliver consistent results. He is able to set clear expectations and ensure that all staff members understand what is expected of them. Carlos demonstrates strong leadership capabilities by providing guidance and support when needed. Furthermore, Carlos sets a positive example for the team by demonstrating a commitment to excellence in all areas.

Team Player Performance Review Phrases

Positive feedback

David has consistently been a reliable and enthusiastic member of our team. As a retail sales associate, David is always eager to lend his expertise and support to colleagues who need help or guidance with tasks. David’s enthusiasm for the job, combined with his strong communication skills, make him an excellent team player. He is exceptionally skilled in developing relationships and connections with others.

AJ has been an exemplary writer on our team. She is a great collaborator and is always willing to lend an extra hand when needed. AJ takes feedback well and is proactive in making improvements to her work based on the feedback she receives. She listens attentively to her teammates and offers a unique perspective that adds value to the team’s discussions.

Amy consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and commitment to working with the team. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, which has proven invaluable in customer support specialist roles. Amy has been instrumental in our success in providing exceptional customer service, and her ability to collaborate effectively with other team members makes her an asset for any project she works on.

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George proved to be an exemplary team player throughout his employment as a package handler. He often took initiative in training new hires and ensuring tasks were completed on time. George was always able to work efficiently with his coworkers and resolve any issues that arose quickly and effectively while maintaining a positive attitude.

Joe is an excellent team player, always ensuring that his fellow delivery drivers are assisted to the best of his ability. Joe is patient and supportive with all of his colleagues, helping them out in difficult situations without hesitation. Joe’s positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond make him a valuable asset to our team. He routinely delivers on or ahead of deadlines, demonstrating an impressive level of commitment and work ethic.

Needs improvement

Melody has served as a county program technician for the past three years with generally satisfactory results. Melody is a team player and works well with her colleagues. However, Melody could benefit from improving her communication skills. She often speaks over others in meetings and does not listen closely to the contributions of other team members. Melody has a tendency to over-examining her surroundings, often to the point of criticism.

Tess is a part-time teller who has been part of our team for the past six months. Tess has shown some promise, but her performance could use improvement. She often displays an unmotivated attitude towards her job tasks, missing deadlines and failing to ask questions when she needs help. Additionally, Tess does not always follow instructions carefully which could lead to costly mistakes.

Nigel has been a quality management specialist on our team for the past year. Nigel has not demonstrated significant improvement in his performance since being hired and is generally lacking motivation and focus when it comes to completing tasks. Nigel needs to demonstrate more initiative and dedication to his work if he wishes to continue as part of our group.

Gary has been a document specialist with our team for the past year. While Gary typically works well when given clear direction, he often struggles to work collaboratively with other team members. Gary has difficulty delegating tasks, taking initiative on projects, and offering constructive feedback to colleagues. Gary’s reluctance to actively participate in collaborative projects is impeding progress.

Put your hands in.

Jeffrey has been employed as an inventory assistant for the past six months. During this time, Jeffrey has not displayed the level of team player qualities expected from all employees. Jeffrey frequently fails to take initiative on group projects and rarely participates in organized group activities, making it difficult for his peers to collaborate with him. Jeffrey consistently disregards requests from management, choosing to disregard their directives instead.

Meets expectations

Franco is a dedicated and reliable team member who never fails to deliver results. He always looks for opportunities to collaborate with others, contributing meaningful insights and ideas. Franco works diligently to find solutions that move projects forward, often taking the lead in problem-solving and demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

Marcy, a retail merchandiser on the team, has consistently met expectations and exceeded them when given additional tasks. She works well independently, is an excellent collaborator with colleagues, and is highly organized in her approach to completing projects. Marcy demonstrates exceptional problem-solving skills and often provides creative solutions that have benefited the organization as a whole.

Chad is an exceptional team player who has demonstrated a consistent ability to hit project deadlines and meet expectations. Chad’s commitment to the team’s success is evidenced by his willingness to take on additional responsibilities, such as project manager, in order to ensure that objectives are met. Chad is also adept at building relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Stuart has been an outstanding sales associate since joining the team. He surpasses expectations every single time, whether it’s engaging with customers, developing marketing materials, or working to better understand our products and services. Stuart is a consummate team player who helps out fellow associates whenever possible and works hard to ensure that everyone contributes their best between shifts.

Ashton has been the transportation supervisor of our organization for 2 years and he is a model of collaborative work. Ashton has a strong work ethic and always puts in extra effort to ensure that tasks are completed on time and with high quality. He communicates effectively with his colleagues, making sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities and ensuring that any issues or concerns are addressed.

How Does Poor Teamwork Undermine Performance at Work?

Poor teamwork can be incredibly detrimental to the performance of any organization. When individuals fail to collaborate and interact, they become siloed in their own workflow, losing sight of the collective goal, which reduces efficiency significantly due to a lack of joint effort and knowledge sharing.

Unclear communication leads to misunderstandings and decision-making delays, while conflict between team members can cause disruption and decreased morale. Ultimately, when teams cannot pool resources and productive dialogue has shut down, morale dwindles and the success of any project is greatly diminished. Effectively functioning teams are critical for a successful work environment.

Furthermore, a lack of cohesion can lead to communication issues as information is not shared properly or instructions from management are misinterpreted, also resulting in delays or confusion that could have been avoided if the team was running smoothly. The conflict between team members is also an inherent consequence of poor teamwork, which further damages performance and jeopardizes the ability of the team to work successfully moving forward. In short, when a team does not know how to come together for a common goal, its performance inevitably suffers.

How can you improve teamwork at your workplace?

Effective teamwork in the workplace helps foster cooperation, collaboration, and trust among co-workers. Utilizing teamwork to get jobs done more efficiently and effectively is an important part of any job. To improve teamwork at the workplace, it helps to start with open lines of communication between team members.

Establishing goals as a team, supporting each other’s ideas, and being respectful of differences are all important components in making sure that everyone’s input is heard and understood. Here are some ideas to foster better teamwork at work.

Give Your Partner Some Credit

Giving your partner credit can be a great way to show them appreciation and foster love in the relationship. Acknowledging their efforts helps them feel important and valued, setting a positive tone for future interactions. This can also give you a better understanding of your partner’s nature and interests, helping you to communicate more openly and effectively going forward.

Assess Your Working Relationship and Make Time to Talk

Developing a positive working relationship with colleagues is not only important for day-to-day working effectiveness, but it can also help to foster productivity and reduce stress in the long run. Establishing avenues for communication between work colleagues should be a priority and can be done in a number of ways; regular team meetings or one-on-one check-ins are ideal for ensuring everyone feels heard and that progress is being achieved.

Allocate Workload Fairly Among Team Members

Fairly allocating workload among team members is an important factor to consider when leading a team. Each team member must have an equitable share of tasks in order to ensure peak performance. A successful leader will carefully evaluate each teammate’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses, and consider their availability in order to assign tasks that are most suited for that individual. This will create a sense of equity and motivation among the members while also enhancing collaboration, communication, trust, and respect.

Acknowledge Good Work

Acknowledging someone’s good work is an important way to recognize their efforts and motivate them to strive for success. A proper acknowledgment consists of more than just words; it should be tangible, concrete, and well thought-out. It should reflect the fact that you have taken the time to really consider the job they have done, how it has impacted others, and what goals they achieved. An effective acknowledgment will inspire increased engagement and create a work environment of appreciation and respect.

Conversation can help solve problems.

Set Clear Goals And Expectations At The Beginning Of The Year

Starting the year off on the right foot is an essential part of a successful year. Setting clear goals and expectations from the beginning positions a team to better understand their objectives and have an idea of what they’ll need to accomplish in order to achieve them.

It’s critical that not only the overarching goal is set, but also more detailed goals, allowing everyone involved to visualize how they will go about achieving this objective as well as instilling motivation to drive towards it. Establishing clear goals and expectations at the beginning of the year ensures that everyone is aligned and can work together towards a common goal.

Ensure All Communications Are Timely, Clear, And Effective

In any professional setting, the ability to clearly and effectively communicate is a skill that everyone should strive to master. Doing so is the perfect way to ensure that all people involved are on the same page and working towards the same goal. Timely communication helps keep teams organized, motivated, and ready for successful collaboration. With easily understandable messages, conversations can be efficient and productive without wasting any time or resources being spent on miscommunications or misunderstandings.

Encourage Co-Workers to Help One Another

Fostering a strong sense of mutual assistance among coworkers is critical to the success and morale of any work group. Mutual help not only has a positive impact on productivity but also leads to higher job satisfaction and creates opportunities for the cross-pollination of ideas. When team members recognize that colleagues are willing to assist them within appropriate boundaries, they are more likely to ask for help instead of struggling needlessly on their own. Employers can lead by example and set an environment of cooperation by openly welcoming inquiries from co-workers, readily lending a helping hand where needed, or teaching new techniques or processes.

Co-Workers Shouldn’t Be Discouraged By Mistakes

Mistakes are an inevitable part of any workplace environment, and it is essential for coworkers to understand that making a mistake does not render someone completely useless or incapable. Coworkers should never be discouraged by mistakes because overcoming obstacles is how individuals grow and learn from their past experiences.

Instead of berating a coworker for making a misstep, co-workers should focus on communicating to find ways to fix whatever problem has arisen. Furthermore, offering assistance or advice to help support a coworker can often be the difference between someone feeling embarrassed or empowered to continue working hard.