Training a staff member who doesn’t want to be trained is frustrating at best and futile at worst. Don’t invest the time in someone who simply can’t be trained. Knowing the characteristics of someone who is not trainable will help you understand how to approach them without going into disciplinary actions. The truth is that a great leader should help his or her employee who seems to be lost to succeed in life. Use these signs to help you find out if someone is not trainable.

3 Signs Your Food Truck Employee Is Not Trainable

Use the following traits of new food truck employees to help find those that are not trainable.

They have no problem

Look for individuals who refuse to accept their weaknesses. If they don’t want to change, he or she won’t be able to. Don’t waste your time or effort trying to force them to see the error of their ways.

They’re in the wrong job

Some people just aren’t cut out to work inside a food truck. But, how do you find these individuals before its too late? Talk with them. Ask your employees, “If the truck shut down today, would you be relieved, surprised, or sad?” If they say “relieved,” help them to figure out what’s next. There is no use in training someone who is truly unhappy about his job.

Everyone else is the problem

It’s impossible to help train someone who feels they don’t need the training. Move on. Find someone who is ready to admit their problematic behaviors and accept your help.

Now What?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You’ve heard this idea related to business a million times. Like all those other endeavors and enterprises, a food truck can’t run well or long without the right mix of experienced and reliable staff. A good kitchen team can make or break your business in short order.

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The Bottom Line

If you recruit employees, be sure to monitor new hires carefully for these warning signs. If you see any, cut your losses sooner than later. Make sure if you find that an employee is not trainable that you find someone who is to fill this position.

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