Looking to start posting food truck jobs online quickly? Want to post your jobs without having to deal with the hassle of talking with a salesperson or the commitment of a contract?  Posting food truck jobs within 24 hours online with a credit card or Paypal account for an unlimited time (until you fill the position) might be the best place to start.

No one’s interested in sifting through hundreds or thousands of resumes if none of them even warrant a phone screen. Quality candidates are what you’re looking for, so it’s important you’re advertising your food truck jobs where people interested in the food truck industry are coming. Mobile Cuisine is that place.

We’ve put together a breakdown of the most popular job posting sites and the cost of posting food truck jobs if you choose not to use our service.

Comparing The Cost Of Posting Food Truck Jobs Online

At Mobile Cuisine we offers food truckers a do-it-yourself solutions for an unlimited time for $19.97 (one time fee) no matter where you are posting from. Paid members can post unlimited BASIC ads for free. The best part? Not only does your ad show up at Mobile-Cuisine.com, but we also will share it with our dedicated 60,000 social media viewers.

The others:

  • Monster offers 30 and 60 day job posting options. Pricing for a single job posting for 30 days starts at $375. 60 days for $395, with discounts when purchasing in bulk.
  • Career Builder single job posting pricing begins at $419 for 30 days only. They have discounts ranging from 7%-58% for the advanced purchase of up to 50 jobs postings which must be used within 12 months.
  • Simply Hired is $99 to sponsor 1 job for 30 days. Employers can expand visibility to include Simply Hired’s partner network for $199 for 45 days.
  • LinkedIn sells a 30-day posting for $495.00, a 5-job pack at a 20% discount, and 10-job pack at a 40% savings, but your job location cannot be edited once your job is posted.
  • SnagAJob focuses on filling hourly positions with 30 day packages for up to 20 postings for $89 a month. Be aware that postings automatically renew on a monthly basis with the original credit card provided unless you email or call to cancel your account during business hours.
  • Craigslist charges anywhere from $25 – $75 for a 30 day posting, depending on the job location. Just be prepared for a high volume of unqualified applicants that may end up wasting lots of your time.

The Bottom Line

We provide food truck owners with the perfect place to place their food truck job openings. So what are you waiting for? Jump over to Mobile Cuisine’s Food Truck Jobs and fill those food truck jobs you’ve been thinking of filling!!!

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