For any food truck organization to thrive, their employees need to be able to question how things are done and express dissent. But no one wants to hear grievances. If you have an opinion to share with the food truck owner, do it carefully. Today we share three steps to properly complain at work.

Complain At Work The Right Way

  • Choose your audience. Your food truck co-workers may not be able to remedy your situation. Express your ideas to someone who can actually do something about the problem. Also weigh the pros and cons of taking the problem to the boss. Can they really do anything about it? Will they expect you to be able to handle it on your own? Will they get mad and retaliate later? Do you actually expect action or do you just want to complain at work? If you can’t see a clear benefit to involving your boss, you might want to reconsider.
  • Propose a solution. Never take a complain at work without also presenting a possible solution or a request for specific action. If you simply want to complain, talk to a friend or start a journal. Rather than simply voicing a complaint or spotlighting a problem, try presenting a way to resolve it. This makes it more difficult for others to dismiss you as a complainer. It saves your audience the effort of solving it themselves.
  • Use direct factual appeals. You may feel passionate, but your co-workers are more likely to listen when you express yourself rationally and have evidence to back up your claims.

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The Bottom Line

Before you complain at work, you need to determine exactly what you want and figure out the best way ask for it. Otherwise, your boss may decide that you’re a whiner. So use these suggestions before taking an issue to management.

Are you a food truck employee who has complained at work? Did we miss any tips you might suggest? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter