BOSTON, MA – The food trucks that roam the streets of Boston have claimed their top spots for the official start of the city’s mobile vending season.

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More than 50 food truck vendors participated in the city’s annual live lottery of prime sites on Jan. 16 where Edith Murnane, the city’s director of food initiatives, drew names of vendors who then chose shifts at 17 locations throughout the city.

The truck vendors, which offer a variety of fare, will begin serving at their chosen sites and times in April, which is the official start of the 2013 food truck season.

The City of Boston passed the Mobile Food Truck Ordinance in April 2011, launching the Mobile Food Truck Pilot. Under this pilot, 15 public sites were opened in downtown Boston and Boston’s neighborhoods to 15 food truck vendors.

Since Boston’s the 2011 launch, the number of vendors and trucks on the streets has grown steadily. In 2012, 16 new truck businesses and 23 new trucks began operating in Boston, according the city.

The city has also established a total of 18 public sites, including three cluster sites that allow two or three food trucks to operate at a time.

“I’m thrilled that Boston’s food truck program has grown so quickly and has expanded to such a diverse selection of vendors,” Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino said in a statement. “My administration has worked vigorously to allow these local businesses grow while providing the public with delicious, healthy, and accessible food.”

The schedule for the public sites as determined by the lottery is available here.

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