Here we have another politician who thinks that food trucks need to pay their “fair share”. Of course food trucks will stop doing business in Akron if the proposed fee is instituted…but then again, Jeff Fusco knows this.

AKRON, OH – Food truck operators here do not like much of what will be on Akron City Council’s menu Monday night.

Council is considering new proposed regulations and fees on food trucks.

Steve Sabo is head of the Akron Food Truck Coalition. He predicts no truck operators will pay a proposed $1,975 fee to do business in or near downtown.

He calls that “an exorbitant”: amount of money.

Councilman Jeff Fusco is co-sponsoring the legislation. He says the supersized fee is fair and Akron is trying to develop rules that best fit it.

Akron has barred food trucks’ parking on public property unless it’s part of a city-approved event.

The proposal suggests a $225 fee to do business outside of downtown.

Parts of the supersized fee would be split with Summit County, Akron schools, Summit Metro Parks and the city/county library system.

Fusco claims a cross-section of community leaders, truck owners and regular restaurant owners had input developing the package.

Rules also limit truck parking near homes, restaurants, schools and parks.

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