free-foodPHILADELPHIA, PA – If you’ve ever polished off a successful meal with a hyperbolic “I could eat that every day,” get ready to be called out for your gastrointestinal hubris.

A trio of University City-based mobile operations is offering all comers the opportunity to win an entire calendar year of free food – for not much more than you tend to spend on lunch in the first place.

Spot Burger, Taco Mondo and Mac Mart, all of whom have cultivated nice followings for themselves at the corner of 33rd and Arch, are collaborating with the Drexel student body with the goal of raising a big chunk of cash for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Earlier this month, the trucks began selling $10-a-pop raffle chances for a shot at acquiring a magic ticket that’ll grant its wielder a gratis entree, side and drink from one of the three street-food specialists once a day for one year.

That means your typical eating week could begin with a signature SPOT Burger and fries, continue with chorizo quesadillas and chicken-cheese empanadas and conclude with a “Return of the Mac,” an out-of-control mac ‘n’ cheese grilled cheese.

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