It’s only been 6 years *eye roll* since Evanston put a highly restrictive food truck ordinance in place. In the regulation, the only food trucks that could operate within their city limits were those that were owned by brick and mortar restaurant owners. Finally, they seem to have a chance to eliminate this and allow food trucks from outside of the city to operate within their borders. FINALLY!!!

EVANSTON, IL – Food trucks from outside Evanston may be allowed to operate within the city’s borders as early as this summer under a pilot program which received the backing of a city committee on Monday night.

Members of the City Council’s Human Services Committee recommended in favor of adopting new “mobile food vehicle regulations,” including lifting a requirement which restricted food trucks to those owned or operated by a licensed food establishment in the city of Evanston.

Members of the full city council could act on the proposal as soon as next Monday night’s meeting.

Officials had been talking about starting a pilot program, allowing food trucks from outside the city to operate within Evanston’s borders with the outside trucks in 2017. In discussion Monday, Ald. Eleanor Revelle, 7th, suggested the timeline be moved up.

“Given that the season is upon us, is this something we could recommend to the council for action (next Monday), so the food truck vendors could get going?” she asked.

Officials announced last month they were considering changes to their food truck ordinance adopted in 2010. The changes came in part due to a lawsuit filed against the city in 2012.

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