LITTLE ROCK, AR – A 7-year-old entrepreneur in Arkansas who ran a successful lemonade stand in her grandparent’s backyard last year has upgraded this summer, and is now operating her own food truck with the help of her mother.

Kyleigh McGee, 7, of Little Rock, told ABC News that she came up with the idea to expand her business and make it mobile last summer when she was operating her original lemonade stand.

“We had a lemonade stand in my grandparents’ backyard and we started to make a lot of money with it,” Kyleigh said. “So I thought why don’t we have a lemonade stand to bring to events?”

Gabrielle Williams, Kyleigh’s mother, told ABC News that they upgraded this year, after Kyleigh showed how dedicated she was to running her lemonade stand all summer long last year, telling ABC News, “She had so much fun with it and she had a chance to kind of get an idea of how it is to be an entrepreneur.”

“We purchased what used to be a snow cone stand, and we converted it into a lemonade stand,” Williams said, adding that they also expanded the menu to include ice cream, snacks and the incredibly popular pineapple snow cones, which are sold in a hollowed out pineapple.

Williams said that having Kyleigh operate the food truck is “teaching her responsibilities,” including “how to save money and how to count money.”

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