SALT LAKE CITY, UT – We found out from The Salt Lake Tribune that it’s been tough getting food from a street cart in Salt Lake City this week.

On Monday, the Salt Lake Valley Health Department shut down nine food carts, mostly those that sell tacos around 800 and 900 South and State Street. Here’s the list of those affected.

  • A and J Foods
  • Sanook Thai
  • El Rey  Del Taco #2
  • Tacos Don Rafa #2
  • Tacos and Mariscos El Paisa
  • Tacos and Taueria El Paisa
  • Taco LuLu
  • El Rey del Taco
  • El Toro Tacos Food Cart

The number one violation for all the carts was lack of an approved commissary, the commercial kitchen where they must prepare their food.

It seems the owner of the commissary has been in jail. Without the certified person on site to oversee operations, the commissary is no longer acceptable.

The taco carts and health department officials are meeting this morning to figure out a solution.