INDIANAPOLIS, IN – A group of angry food truck owners are protesting the organization that manages scheduling for Downtown Indianapolis’ busiest events, alleging favoritism with a food truck alliance.

About 35 independent truck owners say Downtown Indy, Inc. changed its policy for selecting trucks that can park on Georgia Street during convention and sporting events, and they claim only trucks that are part of Indy Food Truck Alliance were notified. The IFTA is a membership-based group of about 20 trucks led by Darcie Kornmeyer, whose husband owned the now-closed Scratchtruck food truck.

“It’s really the IFTA versus the non-IFTA trucks,” said Tressie Mickens-Maxwell, owner of Soul Sista on the Move food truck, who is not part of the alliance. “We’ve run into so many detours because we are not IFTA trucks, and IFTA is not a group that allows any truck in. The majority of people I know have been turned away from joining IFTA.”

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