The food truck industry has morphed since it’s inception, and this article shows that it will continue to change based on consumer demand.

ABILENE, TX – Those looking to beat the heat of summer and enjoy some of Abilene’s mobile food options will finally have a place to eat in cool, calm peace thanks to the Abilene Community Theatre.

Beginning July 12, Cross-Eyed Jackelope owner Keith Sproles, who also serves on the theater’s board of directors, and several other members of the Food Truck Alliance will take over the parking lot and Center for Theater Education located at 809 Barrow St.

The plan, Sproles said, is to offer hungry customers a place to sit and eat in the comfort of air conditioning not available at the outdoor Abilene Food Park on South First and Sycamore streets. Sproles said he and other operators were hearing plenty of complaints about the afternoon heat at the park.

“The food trucks needed somewhere for people to eat that was cool and the theater needs people to know they’re there,” Sproles said. “The plan is for the theater to market what’s going on over there to people who don’t normally know what the theater is doing.”

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