northbrook ilNORTHBROOK, IL – The food-truck regulations Northbrook officials are putting together are likely to pass the sardonic test of good law – none of the stakeholders will be completely satisfied.

So far, they certainly don’t thrill downtown brick-and-mortar fast-food providers like Pete Weiss of Little Louie’s, 1342 Shermer Road. The regulations, so far, would permit food trucks to park on Meadow Road south of Shermer Road, around the corner from his store.

Weiss may have started the whole drive to regulations when he looked out his window on Earth Day to find a food truck selling from the curb directly in front of his door.

“I’m glad there are going to be some regulations. That’s positive,” he said Nov. 14. “Otherwise, they can do whatever they want to.”

It’s unlikely that food trucks will wind up near his store for a typical lunch time, however, Village Development and Planning Services Director Tom Poupard said Nov. 14. What operator would want to waste a lunchtime in relatively lightly-traveled downtown Northbrook, when he could instead be invited by a manager of a Skokie Boulevard office tower to sit in its parking lot?

Joe and Louise Rycroft, owners of the Roadside food truck, haven’t been downtown since Earth Day. They’re spending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday noons on the east-west portion of Sunset Ridge Road, near the southeast corner of Dundee Road and Skokie Boulevard, as they have since last year.

The new regulations, as currently envisioned, would find them off that public roadway and nestled in angle parking just to the south, Poupard said. The truck would be safer for walk-up customers there, but less visible from the street.

Not as good, Joe Rycroft said. “It’s not like we’ve developed thousands and thousands of customers from being here,” he said.

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