HORRY COUNTY, SC – The food truck debate in Horry County came to an end Tuesday night with good news for many of the local business owners who have those trucks.

The food truck ordinance got its third and final reading in front of County Council, which could result in all food trucks will be allowed in unincorporated Horry County.

The trucks won’t be allowed within 300 feet of any restaurant or within 200 feet of any school. Only 50 permits will be given out at any time.

“It’s going to give a lot of young entrepreneurs a chance to start their own business, and we definitely need it,” said Bill Barber, who spent time on a food truck committee. “Everywhere around here us, every major city around us has got it. Charlotte, Charleston, Wilmington, Columbia, everywhere, so we need it here.”

One of the bigger changes since the ordinance was first created is how many trucks can be in a certain place.

Now, if the plot of land is more than 30 acres, an owner can have one truck for every two acres, but no more than 15 total.

“A lot of the industrial parks will benefit, a lot of the festivals will benefit, a lot of the areas that are untouched by restaurants where people want to eat good food,” said Barber. “I think it will help everybody.”

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