AUBURN, AL – New dining options may be coming to a neighborhood near you, as an ordinance approved by the Auburn City Council will allow food trucks to operate throughout the city.

The council at its regular meeting Tuesday unanimously approved the ordinance, which went into effect immediately.

Food trucks are allowed to operate downtown conditionally, city manager Jim Buston said. The trucks cannot operate within 200 feet of a restaurant’s main entrance during that restaurant’s operating hours, unless they first have written permission from the restaurant owner.

“I wanted to protect our permanent restaurants in Auburn, who do a great job, who serve our community and pay rent and pay taxes, from having someone encroach on their territory,” Ward 2 councilman Ron Anders said. “So the 200-feet rule was interesting to me. At the same time, I think this opens an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to enter the food business in a unique way.”

Anders added he feels “very comfortable” with the regulations the council approved, but said he would be willing to revisit the issue in the future, should problems arise.

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