While every food truck owner tries to find staff members that they can rely on, this story shows that this doesn’t always happen. Not only did the food truck driver risk their own life, but they risked the lives of others while driving under the influence. When looking for staff members for your truck, if their role includes driving the truck, you MUST make sure they are reliable enough not to drink and drive. We’re glad to see that nobody was hurt, but we hope this turns into a lesson the entire food truck industry learns before somebody is hurt or killed. Don’t Drink and Drive, EVER.

PRICEVILLE, AL – A food truck crashed into a utility pole Sunday morning in Priceville. Police Chief Billy Peebles says the driver, Jason Lafferty, took out the power pole and lights and was arrested “for driving under the influence of alcohol.”

Lafferty is an employee of the Food Fighters Bustaurant.

It happened at the intersection of Highway 67 and Bethel Road. Crews had to place stop signs at the intersection until they could put up temporary telephone poles. “That’s a temporary fix,” says Peebles. “They will come back out and concrete the poles back to the ground.”

In addition to leaving quite a mess behind, with the power out for more than nine hours, many local businesses we talked to had to keep their doors locked until the power could be restored.

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