FLORENCE, AL – The City Council this evening cleared the way for food truck vendors to operate on the rights-of-way.

In a unanimous vote, the council amended the city code to allow the mobile vendors. Trucks may operate in most areas zoned for business, but a number of restrictions will apply.

City attorney Billy Musgrove, who wrote the amendment based on Tuscaloosa’s ordinance, told the council during its work session that trucks must be at least 120 feet from an existing restaurant, and must have a state Health Department license and a city business license issued by the city clerk.

Truck owners must submit a location or locations where they want to sell food, and it must receive approval from the Police Department to certify it will not obstruct traffic.

“Because of this, there won’t be any food truck on Court Street,” Musgrove said. Court Street is the main downtown business thoroughfare where many restaurants are located.

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