ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Starting at the crack of dawn, Ida Rodriguez and her crew fire up the Mystique food truck kitchen.

“We get out here about 6:30 in the morning. Usually, I do about 65 breakfast burritos a morning,” Rodriguez. “We start cooking about 7 and usually leave about 2 p.m.”

It makes for a long meal shift, but it’s an even longer menu with items like breakfast burritos, steak burritos, green chile burgers, red chile burgers, beer brats and barbecue pulled pork.

Those are the offerings from just one food truck at Central New Mexico Community College. Some days, there are as many as 10. All of them provide the only fresh food found on the main campus.

According to Phillip Bustos, CNM’s vice president of student services, there hasn’t been a cafeteria at the college since summer 2015.

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