ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The Albuquerque City Council could soon put some serious limitations on where food trucks can park in the city.

Right now, there are few restrictions on where the mobile restaurants can set up shop along public streets. A proposed ordinance, set to be considered at Wednesday’s meeting, aims to change that.

Under the proposal, sponsored by city councilor Isaac Benton, food trucks wouldn’t be allowed to park within 100 feet of restaurants. They also wouldn’t be allowed in front of a home except in certain situations.

Benton did not respond to a request for comment on the proposed ordinance in time for this story, however the ordinance says it aims to “accommodate the growth of the food truck industry while helping to preserve equity with the city’s valuable and important site-built restaurant industry.”

To try and give food trucks a benefit in exchange for the new restrictions, the proposal would also expand the number of hours food trucks could set up in private parking lots.

While some food truck operators grumbled about the changes, not everyone’s upset.

“When I read it over it, it seems like they’re trying to be fair on both ends,” said Jenna Shurter with Gobble This Mobile Kitchen.

Santa Fe already has similar rules in place.

Albuquerque City Council could take up the issue as soon as Wednesday.

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