ALBUQUERQUE, NM – An Albuquerque woman who poured her life’s savings into a food truck saw the generator stolen recently and is now at risk of losing the entire thing.

It took thieves more than 40 minutes to remove the generator while people walked right by, as seen by a nearby surveillance camera.

“It was very quiet and very expensive,” said the woman, who wished not to be identified. “It cost about $10,000, and food trucks have to have it so they can park in various places without irritating the public.”

Not only did the thieves steal the generator, they caused a lot of damage in the process.

“It was welded to the back of the truck. The guys who vandalized it went through quite a bit to get it off,” the woman said.

She filed a police report, but with no leads or suspects in custody, the woman believes the public is her best chance at finding the stolen property.

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