A future Albuquerque food truck owner has an interesting new twist on the food truck business model. The only question we have is, Can it work? While Food Karma is an interesting concept, we aren’t sure how profitable it can be. Sure, some people will over pay and pay enough to cover the truck’s food costs, but at the same time, how long can a truck operate if they run into a group of customers who think it’s fair to pay 2 dollars for a Lobster roll? We’ll keep an eye on this story and will be interested in seeing if they make it…we wish them the best.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – A unique food service is about to roll into Albuquerque.

“This will actually be the side that we are going to pull up to the curb,” said Wade McCullough.

Right now, there’s a wooden box on wheels sitting in the front yard of McCullough’s southeast Albuquerque home. Soon, it will be transformed into a food truck called Food Karma.

“We cook and serve food. Then, we leave it up to our customers or patrons to pay what they’d like or what they can afford,” McCullough said.

It’s completely up to the customer if he or she wants to dish out any cash.

“Most of the time people are shocked. They are sort of taken back. You can see their gears start to turn in their head and they are sort of evaluating their personal situation,” he said.

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