If any of you are in the Albuquerque area and have any  information, please send it to the local police department so Ms. Leeder can get her food truck back.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – A food truck owner is pleading for the return of her truck, after it was stolen from outside her Albuquerque home Monday.

Kristina Leeder, owner of Conchita’s Creations, is still in shock.

“I’m hoping that somebody just needed a ride and took the truck for a ride and hopefully we’ll find it parked somewhere,” said Leeder.

Leeder and her daughter got home Monday and noticed something was missing.

“I told her, ‘the speakers are gone’ and she said, ‘what about the truck?’. I said, ‘what do you mean, what about the truck?’ And I ran out of the car and the truck was gone,” said Leeder.

Her food truck was parked behind her home near Old Town until about 2:00 Monday afternoon. That’s when a neighbor says he saw someone drive it away. The timing of the theft couldn’t be worse.

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