It’s nice to see Alexandria continue this program, but why keep it listed as a pilot program? Gourmet food trucks have been navigating across the US since 2008. There is absolutely no reason this government needs to keep the number of permits so low or over regulating the locations the trucks can operate. City governments need to stop making rulings with the use of these trial balloon regulations.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Alexandria City Council on Saturday relaxed the rules on allowing food trucks to operate in the City. Council also agreed to charge no fee for a food truck permit next year.

In the first partial year of the Food Truck pilot program (July 1 – Dec. 31, 2014), eight Food Trucks took part in the program; in the next full year of the program (January 1 – December 31, 2015), seven Food Trucks took part in the program. The Food Truck pilot program allows trucks with the permit to go to any of the pre-approved locations or any private property locations with permission of the private property owner that comply with the requirements and to move from location to location. In practice, the Food Trucks with the vendor permit have consistently been active at only two locations, the Mark Center Hilton (to serve adjacent office workers) and Port City Brewery (to serve special events). Additionally, a number of Food Trucks wanted to attend particular special events, but did not want to necessarily attend multiple special events within the City and therefore did not get the vendor permit. The lack of participation is because of the limited number of locations compared to the current fee levels.

Staff reported they have received an inquiry from U.S. Patent & Trade Office about allowing food trucks in Carlyle. The PTO is interested in providing additional food options for their employees while still balancing the security concerns regarding opening public streets to vending.

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