ALPENA, MI – As more food trucks and vendors open for business in the city, the Alpena Planning Commission believes it is time to revisit some of the regulations that were previously implemented to regulate them.

A public hearing will be held at the planning commission meeting July14 where amendments to the ordinance regarding vendors and food sales will be considered.

City Planning and Development Director Adam Poll said overall food trucks and the smaller vendors have been received well downtown and throughout the city. He said there have, however, been a few issues that need to be be addressed.

He said currently there is a buffer zone in place that prevents food vendors from selling products close to a restaurant, but the restriction will be lifted if the planning commission and, ultimately, municipal council approve the amendments.

There also have been questions about use on private property and the trucks parking on city streets. Poll said the commission could address those issues and the staff recommendation will make selling food in residential zones or at city sanctioned events prohibited.

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