You might have noticed while reading many of our recent articles, food truck hubs, lots and pods are popping up all over the country. Now they’ve even expanded to Anchorage, Alaska. Congrats to the residents on Anchorage, food truck hubs are for you, but at the same time give food trucks more visibility to the parts of the community that think they are still in the “roach coach” category of food service. 

ANCHORAGE, AK – Can’t decide where to eat for lunch? There are now several more options in downtown Anchorage. The city’s first food truck hub opened on Monday at the corner of Eighth Avenue and K Street.

Known as “K Street Eats,” many vendors are hoping it will be boost to their business.

Sugar House Waffles has been in business for about a year and owner Mandy Gebuer says the hardest part about operating a food truck isn’t always the cooking, it’s often finding somewhere legal to park.

K Street Eats hopes to eliminate the hassle.

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