AUSTIN, TX – The half-acre lot of food trailers on Rainey Street is popular among those enjoying the nightlife in the area — but by the end of the month, the trucks will move out to make room for a high-rise.

Food trailers are one of the things that make Austin unique. Many of them offer up gourmet dishes from mobile restaurants. In fact, they’re so in demand, Mike Overstreet moved to Austin from New York a year ago to open the Funky Food Bus.

“We have the best cheesecake in Austin,” said Overstreet. “It is, originally, my mother’s recipe. It’s 35 years old.”

Overstreet thought he had found the perfect spot for his truck, the Rainey Street Food Court, which is surrounded by bars, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, but Tuesday night he was packing up and leaving. Not because he wants to, but because he has to.

“We had no idea. We just got 30 days just the other day. Everybody has to be out. There was really no consideration given for any of the small businesses that are operating here,” said Overstreet.

The half-acre lot is going to be turned into a mixed-use high rise with 200 apartment units. The city approved the project in May, but the property owners told the the food trailer owners they could stay for about two years. Now, they have to be gone by the end of the month.

The news isn’t sitting well with many Austinintes.

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