HONG KONG – More food truck operators under the government’s two-year pilot scheme are considering closing business, raising doubts on the feasibility of entire program, which is aimed at bolstering tourism through delicious street cuisine.

Of the of the 13 existing food truck operators, Creative Yummy, which opened only in late May, has not been operating since Monday, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

According to a source, four other food trucks are preparing to quit. One of the four is said to have sold the truck for about HK$600,000, although its original cost was more than HK$1 million.

A spokesperson for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (CEDB) said it has received verbal communication that a food truck operator may exit the scheme, although there has been no formal notification yet.

Under the scheme, there are supposed to be six substitutes on the waiting list. But the spokesperson said if the current operator quits, there will be no substitute, but did not explain why.

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