Earlier this week on miami.eater.com Anthony Bourdain sat down with  Jackie Sayet to discuss his recent visit to Miami for his new program The Layover. During the interview the topic reached Miami’s food truck scene. Here is an excerpt from that interview where he shared his thoughts on the issue.

Bourdain Sakaya Kitchen

Bourdain orders ginger Brussels sprouts from Sakaya Kitchen's food truck called Dim Ssäm à gogo (Courtesy Travel Channel)

JS: Do you think Miami gourmet street food is trendy or is there serious food going on there?

AB: The food truck scene is really exciting. There are a lot of towns, cities like New York, that are really hostile to it. It really hasn’t broken through here, it’s a real struggle. There’s no place for them to go, and they’re being actively legislated against and mobilized against, where as there seems to be some degree of support for food trucks

[in Miami] and that’s a huge plus. Not just from the point of view of people who like to eat that food but also from the point of view of the mom and pop entrepreneurs, the would-be Roy Chois who want to do something strange and wonderful on a mobile kitchen. I always saw food trucks and street food and their potential as potential saviors of the nation in our struggle against the traditional American supermall food court.

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