ASHEVILLE, NC – This morsel of incite on the chef’s feelings on food trucks came from a full interview from the Mountain Xpress during a visit to Asheville.

Nate Kelly, who operates The Low Down food truck asked Bourdain: What’s your opinion on food trucks?

“Any alternative to the conventional American fast food is a good thing. I see food trucks as an alternative to McDonald’s, so that alone is a great thing. You’re creating a market for individually owned and operated businesses serving, presumably, fast, cheap and delicious

[food] — that’s a positive thing. A lot of cities are fighting back. They don’t like these trucks and see them as a threat to brick-and-mortar; they don’t like the health aspects … and there’s the likelihood that as we reach some sort of hipster fission, the bad guys will get in. You will see an Olive Garden food truck; it’s inevitable. But for the time being, I think it’s a really positive thing. I love them, I think they’re valuable, and they provide an opportunity for a lot of entrepreneurial chefs to do a lot of interesting things. They are so many examples of that around the country, particularly in Austin, L.A. and San Francisco, where they’ve been very supportive of the trucks.”

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