CHICAGO, IL – The Gaztro-Wagon announced yesterday on Twitter that its Edgewater storefront (5973 N. Clark St.) has closed its doors. The food truck, one of Chicago mobile food’s pioneering efforts, will go on hiatus until spring. which fired the first shot in Chicago’s food truck explosion. Combined with the demise of the MeatyBalls Mobile, this may cause some to question the long-term viability of combining fine dining with food trucks in the city of Chicago. At least until their archaic mobile vending law has been changed.

According to Matt Moroni, the decision was a financial one. With the cold weather and amount of food-truck competitors, winter 2012 wasn’t looking to be a viable season. The naan-wiches return around April and will be cooked out of the kitchen of Morso, where Maroni was its opening chef. Morso, closed for a break until Jan. 14, will continue under new chef Phil Rodriguez, currently a cook at the restaurant.

We hope the best for Matt and any of his future ventures.