PHOENIX, AZ – More food trucks could soon pop up on street corners and other public spaces popular with pedestrians in Arizona.

State Rep. Kevin Payne, R-Peoria, has proposed a law that would cut local government regulations that food-truck operators say hamper business. They complain such rules keep them out of many areas, such as parks and public parking lots.

Payne’s proposal, House Bill 2371, would curtail many city and county ordinances that limit where food trucks can park and what hours they can serve customers.

His interest in the issue is personal: Payne owns a food truck. He said attorneys for the House determined it was not a conflict of interest for him to sponsor HB 2371.

The bill comes as cities in Arizona and across the country have struggled to regulate the food-truck industry, which has boomed since the late 2000s. That popularity has raised issues about parking, hours of operation and distance from brick-and-mortar restaurants.

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