Welcome to the world of the mobile food vendor. “Certain” restaurant owners are afraid of competition and pressure the city council to protect them. The next thing that happens is that the city council approves an ordinance that kicks food trucks out of town. Sound outrageous? Well, that’s what just happened in Arkandelphia, Arkansas.

ARKANDELPHIA, AR – A debate over food trucks has heated up in one central Arkansas town. It’s centered around an ordinance keeping the rolling restaurants out of the city.

The city of Arkadelphia kicked a popular food truck out of town Wednesday (4/21). The debate has garnered quite a bit of attention including grabbing local headlines and social media posts regarding the move.

Many people don’t understand why the city wouldn’t allow food trucks.

As it stands now, according to city ordinances, “Mobile food services may not … stage or sell from a fixed location to the general public.”

Arkadelphia does however, allow a “mobile food service” if it’s catering or invited to an event.

The Arkadelphia Board of Directors also voted in 2015 to allow food trucks so long as it stays in a food court set up by a local property owner. That has yet to happen though.


According to the City Manager’s office, certain restaurants in town have expressed opposition to having the food shops on wheels rolling through their town.

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