downtown-arlingtonARLINGTON, TX – Arlington is considering relaxing its strict rules on how food trucks in the city operate.

City officials say if they allow food trucks to operate more freely, they will likely do so in increments, first designating specific areas that the city thinks can support the trucks, such as around the stadiums, convention center and downtown.

“They can congregate in specific areas that can help with economic development, help with attracting tourists and also visitors to specific areas within the community,” Councilman Robert Rivera said.

Currently, food trucks are not allowed to remain stationary for more than 30 minutes.

Initially, the trucks would likely operate on an event basis, such as a day when a game is at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington or Cowboys Stadium.

“If we have a food truck event on a weekend and people come down and they enjoy the event, well, maybe they’ll come back later and enjoy the other things we have to offer,” said Tony Rutigliano, president and CEO of the Downtown Arlington Management Corp.

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