ATLANTA, GA – The Food Movement, an Atlanta Food Truck and catering company, is helping potential NFL recruits prepare for the NFL Combine by assuring they receive meals customized for their specific needs while attending training camp at Competitive Edge Sports (CES).

pressed for time

What is the value of being one- or two-tenths of a second faster in the 40- yard dash for a top NFL prospect? How much higher in the draft will an athlete go if he can get a few additional reps on the bench press?  The answer in both cases is “a lot.” For these elite athletes, improved performance at the all-important NFL Combine is critical. That’s why, to get bigger, stronger and faster, top NFL prospects spend the weeks prior to the February NFL Combine at CES.

Located in Duluth, Georgia, CES has a long history of preparing top athletes for the NFL Combine. CES alumni include such notable NFL stars as Brian Urlacher, Asher Allen, Champ Bailey, Jared Allen and Andre Hall.

At CES, many of the athletes train for up to six hours a day and what they eat is one of the keys to preparation.  They eat “a lot,” in fact many consume more than 8,000 calories per day. To nourish and fortify these athletes, CES relies on The Food Movement.

Working with CES nutritionists, The Food Movement developed a menu that offers a range of filling, tasty and nutritious meals for the athletes, several of whom must eat four balanced meals a day. “In our state-of-the-art, 1,800 square-foot kitchen in North Atlanta, we are preparing individual meals daily for each athlete—optimized for their needs,” said Chef Greg Gordon.  “The food we are serving to these athletes is not your usual ‘meat and three.’ Selections include mouth-watering turkey lasagna, spiced apple chicken with cinnamon-scented quinoa, baked salmon with lemon and thyme and wild rice pancakes, pork and sweet potato stir fry, breakfast burritos and much more,” he added.

“Eating right is critical to the success of our athletes,” said Chip Smith of CES. “The food prepared by The Food Movement is top notch. The athletes have been raving about it since the first day,” he added.

The CES NFL Combine camp runs from January through February. When the camp is complete, CES returns to its other businesses of training high school and college athletes in football, baseball, lacrosse and other sports.

About The Food Movement

Based in North Atlanta, The Food Movement was founded in March 2011 to help develop and nurture the emerging Food Truck culture in Atlanta. The company’s two food trucks: Hail Caesar and Pressed For Time are some of the city’s most popular. In addition, The Food Movement provides corporate catering, culinary challenges and a range of other food-related services and activities. For more information, contact The Food Movement: 2715 Peachtree Square, Atlanta, GA 30360.