ATLANTA, GA – Hey Atlanta, we’ve got plans for you this Saturday!  Head down to Piedmont Park in Midtown with an empty stomach for the Atlanta Street Food Festival!  The doors open at noon and the entertainment starts at 1:30pm.  Go early, eat plenty, have a great time and rock out all day long!

Mobile Cuisine learned about this event from our friends at NCR Silver.  NCR Silver is title sponsor of the Atlanta Street Food Festival (ASFF) and is unofficially launching their new NCR Concierge service at the event.  This new service provides users with 24/7 consultative support service designed to help small business owners with operations.  These new offerings have been designed using the expertise of NCR, the original POS system, and tailoring it for mobile businesses.

To showcase their new service, NCR Silver has been inviting all of the trucks attending the event – as of now AT LEAST 60 – to use its POS equipment for the weekend.  The NCR team will be on hand with information and support for their services.  Not only will they be there to support their products, they will have many amenities for food truck owners, staff and attendees alike in their tents, including hourly deliveries of refreshments and supplies to the trucks.  A definite must-see between tasty courses, of course.

Let’s talk about the 60+ trucks that will be there to satiate your every craving.  The ASFF says they have you “covered and smothered.”  That they do!  You will be able to try everything from homegrown burgers and barbeque to a trip around the globe with food from all four corners.  To top it all off, there are more desserts at this event than at a state-wide bake sale!

There’s another really good reason to go to this event…  I mean, if the 60+ food trucks and all-day entertainment aren’t enough to bring you in, this event is doing good for the food service industry.  The ASFF is benefitting The Giving Kitchen whose intent is to be the beyond-expectation resource at times of unanticipated crisis for anyone employed in the Atlanta restaurant community.

This incredible organization grew out of an overwhelming response to a stage-four cancer diagnosis of Atlanta Chef Ryan Hidinger in December 2012. The response to Ryan’s diagnosis — initially from friends within the restaurant industry, and then quickly from an ever-expanding community across Atlanta — was an outpouring of love and financial support that would help with expenses not covered by insurance.  Ryan’s wife Jen said that the outpouring gave Ryan a peace of mind that she believes extended his life by at least six months. The community’s beyond-expectation response to Hidinger’s crisis moment set the intent, beliefs and values of The Giving Kitchen.

With over 200,000 restaurant workers in the Atlanta area, The Giving Kitchen estimates that 1,000-2,000 people are in crisis at any given time.  The intention of this organization is to reach and help each of those individuals.  This type of organization, born out of love and compassion, warms our hearts.  We hope to see The Giving Kitchen expand nationally benefitting all food service employees in their time of unexpected crisis.

This Saturday, July 11 at Piedmont Park in Midtown is the place to be!  We recommend going early and plan to stay a while.  There will be plenty of activities and entertainment between your dishes of Asian fusion fare, bowls of creamy mac’n cheese, smoky barbeque and desserts of all kinds.  We recommend trying everything, and if need be, throw the diet out for the day.  Find and follow the Atlanta Street Food Festival, NCR Silver and The Giving Kitchen through social media channels – and check out the Atlanta Street Food Festival app!