ATLANTA — It’s almost “Street Food Thursday.”

“Street Food Thursday” is a street food extravaganza incepted some time ago as a way to peacefully combat “newly revised” regulations on street food vendors in Atlanta and also to attract visitors for the Woodruff Arts Center.

The whole “street food” phenomena is somewhat new to the Atlanta area. What we call a street food vendor is referred to as a food truck on the West Coast or a bodega on the East Coast; however, Atlanta is working toward putting a new flair on those old concepts.

By holding a host of street food festivals, round ups, picnics and summits, Atlanta has already, perhaps unknowingly, created a street food culture. In addition to Southern “foodie-ism”, this culture is surely ramping up to be one of great popularity.

In many inTown neighborhoods, regular street food vendors are more popular than mainstay restaurants like McDonalds and Taco Bell; and the fact that many street food vendors cater to niche clientele, improves their rapport with the people.

However, there are many factors that have contributed to street food’s sudden spike in popularity in Atlanta. Some think the city is maturing and developing the characteristics of a big city. Others don’t care, they just like the food.

So, how do you find a street food vendor, you ask? Street food vendors are popular, however, they are often hard to locate; so we’ve created a mini directory of the food trucks we know of and how to find them.

First, the mother all food trucks, Yumbii, known as the Korean BBQ truck is, perhaps, one of the most widely known in Atlanta. The truck features Korean BBQ tacos, burritos and quesadillas. On a regular week, the Yumbii truck is out-and-about from Tuesday until Friday. Menu items range from $2 to $5. For more information about Yumbii, follow them on Twitter: @Yumbii

Considered one of the leaders of the pack, popular Popsicle truck,King of Pops is easily found both in Atlanta and Athens. This truck sells about eight flavors, ranging from Chocolate Sea Salt to Arnold Palmer. Most weekends, the truck can be found in the parking lot of the gas station on N. Highland and North Avenues. For information on this trucks whereabouts, follow them on Twitter: @theKingofPops