turlock caIf you weren’t aware; the California Constitution prohibits local municipalities from protecting restaurant owners from food trucks based on anything other than public health and safety concerns. The Turlock city council seems to be ignoring this little fact as discussions about food trucks in their downtown keep sounding like unconstitutional protectionism to nth degree.

TurlockJournal.com provides us with a little insight into the discussions and how they are clearly using the false “unfair competition” argument to ban food trucks from their downtown.

TURLOCK, CA – Food trucks may not be included in the future of Turlock’s downtown, following Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting where the general consensus was not in favor of the mobile facilities.

During Thursday’s meeting, the Planning Commission and City staff held a public workshop on whether or not food trucks should be allowed in the downtown core district, running primarily along Main Street from Palm to Lander.

The purpose of the meeting, said planning director Debbie Whitmore, was to create a space for the public to share their input on the issue before a decision is made in the coming months.

“This meeting is primarily about getting input from the community and to find out what they want,” said Whitmore, who reviewed the City’s current mobile food facility ordinance and compared it to surrounding communities.

Although the City Council in 2000 requested that city staff look into banning mobile food facilities, the City opted to revise the ordinance and permitting process. Further revisions in 2009 were also added, including more specific requirements for canopies, seating, and signage due to previous compliance issues.

But with more than 35 current permitted food trucks in the City, Planning Commission Chair Mike Brem said it’s not so much about the food trucks rather than the location.

“This is not so much about what you’re doing,” said Brem to local food truck owner Christopher Shaun whose business, Vida-Vital, has taken center stage of the issue. “It’s just where it is.”

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