Add Auburn, Indiana to the growing list of cities across the country that are taking old laws and modernizing them to allow the food truck industry into their community.

AUBURN, IN – At their first meeting of 2016, Auburn Common Council members finally wrapped up a discussion on food trucks that has gone on for months.

The council passed and adopted an ordinance regulating solicitors, pushcarts and mobile vendors — including food trucks — at its meeting Tuesday at City Hall. The city’s previous ordinance regulating those businesses hadn’t been updated since 1924.

The council’s ordinance committee started looking at the issue in June, soliciting input from owners of food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants as well as other members of the public. Council members have argued over different portions of the ordinance, which has seen multiple revisions, delays and debates.

After all that, though, the council unanimously passed the ordinance on Tuesday. Mayor Norm Yoder emphasized the council’s unity and his delight that the issue has come to a conclusion.

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