AURORA, CO – Food trucks may soon roam more freely through the streets of Aurora.

The City Council is considering a pilot program that would allow vendors to break away from their fixed, designated locations and group together with other food trucks to create mobile dining hubs.

“It is our hope that the pilot program will serve to attract additional foot traffic to our commercial districts,” said Gary Sandel, development project manager. “(We hope they will) provide convenient food choices for visitors to places such as the Aurora Fox Arts Center and brewery tap rooms that do not serve their own food.”

Under the existing ordinance, food truck businesses have to choose a single location on private property and stick to it all season. Trucks also have to be 1,500 feet from other vendors.

There are 33 registered vendors in Aurora, and most of them are tucked behind strip malls or pushed off in the far corners of home improvement store parking lots.

The new ordinance, which would start in August and last until Memorial Day 2015, would allow food trucks to change their location and group together in dense shopping areas as well as industrial zones and mixed-use districts. Trucks also could operate while parked within the city’s right of way and serve customers from an adjacent sidewalk.

“Food trucks are going to be great for Aurora because they offer entrepreneurs a way to try out new concepts in dining and they give consumers new options and mobility around grabbing something to eat that is generally healthier than fast food,” Ward 4 Councilmember Molly Markert said. “I look forward to seeing what we find out this time and exploring the opportunities that we will get to have.”

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