AUSTIN, TX –  As a company dedicated to economic development, Capital CDC is in the business of helping small businesses in Texas and New Mexico to grow and create jobs. Two weeks ago, we were moved when we heard that a local food truck had its generator stolen. The Evil Wiener, owned by Roger Zapata, was almost forced to close its doors because Zapata could not afford to replace the stolen generator.

Concerned that several jobs would be lost, Capital CDC reached out to Mr. Zapata to see how we could help. Capital CDC was able to grant $1,200 to The Evil Wiener. With these funds, in addition to the funds he raised, Mr. Zapata was able to put these dollars towards his new generator, retain 4 employees – including himself- and keep his business moving!

Owner Roger Zapata commented, “The Austin community really came together to help out. People were loaning generators to us as well as contributing to a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for a new generator. This is not the first time the food truck community has been targeted. The food truck community is a tight-knit group of people, who help each other out in any way they can.”

The general concept for Evil Wiener is a basic vessel (the hot dog) but using only quality components – Vienna beef wieners, fresh vegetables, hand cut pico de gallo, home style carne guisada, smoked brisket, pulled pork, and their unique seasoning that Roger makes himself.

Zapata, a 20-year United States Marine Corps Veteran, is no stranger to hard work. In the Marines, Roger served as a T-64 Helicopter Jet Engine Mechanic. After his retirement, he began his culinary career. Roger worked in the culinary industry for several years, even as an Executive Chef, before launching The Evil Wiener in 2010.

When we found out that Roger Zapata was a Veteran, we were thrilled. Capital CDC is dedicated to helping veteran-owned businesses by participating in the VetLoan Advantage Program. Under this program, Capital CDC can provide grants to Veteran-owned businesses in Texas and New Mexico that are in need of assistance. As well, for all SBA 504 loans to businesses with Veteran ownership over 49% OR to business owners whose spouse is an eligible Veteran, Capital CDC will waive 0.5% of the processing fee – up to a $12,500 maximum savings.

The Evil Wiener plans to expand the business and move into brick-and-mortar in the future, while also maintaining mobile lunch routes and special events. In the meantime, The Evil Wiener will continue to stay strong around in Austin. Follow The Evil Wiener on their Facebook page for updates and locations, or at