AUSTIN, TX – If you’re standing in line to order at a food truck, the last thing you want to smell is trash.

But that’s what some food truck owners on Rainey Street said is becoming a problem.

“When I walk by, drive by, I feel sick to my stomach because it’s garbage,” said Ron Eastman, the owner of The Beef Cake Shop food truck.

Eastman said the dumpster behind their food truck park is overflowing. He said it’s an eyesore, it smells, and it’s attracting flies and birds.

“After business here last night, not only was it three feet flowing over, but there were trash bags all around,” said Sal Salinas, the owner of Firefly Pizza Pies.

Salinas said the trash company has missed the last four pick-ups.

“We’re very frustrated, this has been going on a long time now,” Salinas said.

Both owners said they continue to call the company, but no one answers. They talked to someone once, who told them that there is a scheduled pick-up time, and that if the trash is not out there at that time, they will not come back until the next scheduled time.

Eastman said they have used this trash company for almost 2 years, and have not had a problem.

“It’s making us look bad when we don’t have any control,” Eastman said.

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