AUSTIN, TX – Last Saturday the owner of Mac Daddy’s was busy setting up his food truck – on the corner of Rio Grande and W. 26th Streets — when he noticed someone walking out the back door of his trailer.

“He was like I just wanted some mac-n-cheese and I’m like well I’m closed,” recalled Christoph Terrell.

It wasn’t until Terrell walked back inside that he realized his tip money had been stolen. Terrell took off after the thief and tackled him in the middle of the street.

“I was holding him in a choke hold saying ’empty your pockets.’ He reached into his swimsuit and it started raining one dollar bills,” said Terrell.

All of those singles added up to $17. An arrest warrant states the suspect told an Austin Police officer he saw the cash in the tip jar and took it because the opportunity presented itself.

“He didn’t seem sorry. His argument with me was ‘I already gave you your money back why are you calling the police now,” added Terrell.

The suspect is charged with burglary. He was also issued a no trespassing notice.

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