AUSTIN, TX – Once one of the features that kept Austin weird and made the city unique, food trucks are now so common, people in the industry say it’s creating issues.

Sarah Hannon, owner of Midway Food Park at 1905 S. Capital of Texas Hwy says the saturation of food trucks in the Austin market is forcing her to close down the food truck park she’s been running for nearly five years.

“When we first opened the park, it was when all of the trailers on Congress were getting moved off because of development, and so there was a real need for this,” Hannon said. “We built it out and it was great, but it seems like over the last four and a half years, the food truck industry has just blown up in town, and every single person has figured out that they can shave off a little piece of their parking lot.”

Hannon says with food trucks popping up on every corner downtown, people are walking to them, rather than driving to her park. She says only three food trucks remain in her park, and she’s not bringing in enough revenue to keep it open as-is.

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