yume burger

[Photo: Eric Silverstein]

AUSTIN, TX – Earlier this month, Yumé Burger proprietor Eric Silverstein (who also owns the Peached Tortilla taco truck) announced that he and his crew were taking time off to “reevaluate” Yumé, and today, a ruling has been made on the Japanese burger-on-wheels: Yumé will shutter permanently while Silverstein looks to “grow the Yumé brand and the Peached Tortilla brand beyond the mobile food sector.”

Silverstein told Eater Austin that he and his partner Mark Tamiso “feel an extremely strong connection to the city of Austin and want to continue to bring joy to people through food.” They’re working on a wholesale product line that combines the “best flavors” from both Yumé and Peached Tortilla and are looking into a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

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