AUSTIN, TX – A food truck park banded together to catch an accused thief and his take down was caught on camera. Both the burglary and the capture happened at the South Austin Social Food Park. The park has only been open for six months, but the food trucks there have each other’s backs as if they’ve been neighbors for much longer.

Leslie Nelms takes pride in her food truck, Unity Vegan Kitchen. That’s why it was so disappointing to learn a neighboring food truck was burglarized. “We work really hard, and so you understand what that would feel like,” Nelms says.

Clayton Young is a co-owner at Boca food truck. He says, the thief in caught on surveillance video stole the Boca’s iPad, speakers, work phone, coffee grinder and $350 — earnings from a whole day’s work. “He walked around the whole park checking all of the trucks and ended up just breaking into ours and one other just to sleep in,” says Young.

When Young showed the surveillance video to other trucks in the park, Nelms recognized the perp. “It was someone who had interviewed with me, and so we just gave all of the information to the detective that was working the case,” she says.  However, before police even got their investigation started, the case was solved.

“Being a dumb criminal, he came back and got himself caught,” says Young.

The surveillance video shows Boca’s other owner take down the suspect when he’s caught sleeping in an empty truck. Other food truck owners call police.

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